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New Product News

New Service “Vital Monitor Beacon (MEDiTAG)”

Hosiden Corporation (head office: Yao-City, Osaka, President: Kenji Furuhashi) will start a new service, Vital Monitor Beacon “MEDiTAG”, on December 18. This is an IoT cloud service which reads the locations of staff in an office or factory and realizes “Location visualization of personnel, their movement and other vital information.”
Radio field strength information received from the “MEDiTAG” is arithmetically processed on the cloud server, and location information is provided on a web application. At the same time, pulse rate, stress level, steps walked, calories consumed, and falls are monitored in real time via the cloud. Pulse rate and falls can be reported by e-mail as alarm notifications. It is expected that the service will find a wide range of applications in areas such as monitoring the activity of children and the elderly, improving safety and health, business operations, and work efficiency in factories, and human resources solutions.
In addition, we are developing wearable sensor devices such as an audible type device, as well as a wristband type, using the same IoT cloud system. We are expecting to include further add-ons to the MEDiTAG system services, improving location accuracy, and AI analysis of accumulated data.


Model Name and Number

“Vital Monitor Beacon (MEDiTAG)”: JJS3001-010010

Typical Features

  • Equipped with an optical pulse wave sensor, the heart rate of the wearer can be monitored.
  • Equipped with a gyro-sensor, the movement of the arm of wearer can be captured.
  • Equipped with an accelerometer and air pressure sensors, it can detect if the wearer trips and falls.
  • Data of location and vital information can be accessed via a web application.


  • Management of safety and health for employees, improvement of operational efficiency (factories, offices).
  • Monitoring for children and the elderly (education, welfare)
  • Human resources solutions.

Sales Plan

  • Sales start: December 18, 2017

Main Specifications

External dimensions Approx. 39 x 25 x 10 mm (Excluding protruding parts)
Weight Approx. 8 g (Excluding silicone band)
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Sensor 9-axis sensor (acceleration, gyro, compass), air pressure sensor, optical pulse wave sensor
Rechargeable battery Lithium-ion battery
Cloud UBITEQ IoT platform