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New Product News

New ultra-compact non-contact charger

Hosiden has developed a micro non-contact charger using resonant inductive coupling technology, ideally suited for small devices such as wearable terminals.
By using resonant inductive coupling, the position dependence of the transmitter / receiver coil is reduced. This means a non-contact charging source is able to supply power up to a distance of 10 mm. Furthermore, multiple devices can be charged at the same time, making it possible to supply power to small devices with a high degree of positional freedom when compared to using electromagnetic induction.
The power receiver advances ultra-miniaturization with its miniature power receiving coil and small lithium ion battery incorporated. Because this device is non-contact, this enhances waterproofing.
The power transmitter and the power receiver will be able to support custom designs according to the application.

New ultra-compact non-contact charger

Model Name and Number

Ultra-compact non-contact charger power transmitter: HVE1192
Ultra-compact non-contact charger power receiver: HVE1193

Typical Features

  • Ultra-compact non-contact charging using resonant inductive coupling
  • Minimal footprint by incorporation of a micro power receiving coil and small lithium ion battery.
  • Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously.
  • Optimized transmission coil design enables charging in a wide range.
  • Non-contact power transmission distance is 10 mm.


  • Wearable devices
  • IoT equipment

Sales Plan

Sample availability From August 2018
Scheduled to start sales During FY 2019
Planned monthly production quantity 10,000 pieces

Main Specifications

Non-contact transmission system Resonant inductive coupling method
Charging current 50mA (When transmission distance is 5 mm)
Charging range Up to 10 mm
Dimensions (power receiver) ϕ11×5.4 mm
Operating voltage and current (power transmitter) 5 V DC, 200 mA (USB power supply)
Power supply size (power transmitter) 70 x 40 mm

Product image

  • Power receiver
  • Power transmitter and power receiver